Monday, June 2, 2014

List of dreams

I've mentioned before that I wanted to keep a dream diary, but haven't gotten around to doing it.
I should list out the dreams so that I WILL write them one day.. I still do remember them vividly, so they won't lack for detail, I guess.

#1: Touring space (with family), seeing space animals, space worms and willow tree-like hands
#2: Skeleton murderer (accused to be), woke up after turning into Emma Stone
#3: Sultan of Brunei wants my watch after I drove around KL as a 14 year old teenager
#4: Made a cross between a pig and a dog and it turned out to be the cutest animal ever. I had it as a pet for the rest of the dream and woke up wanting one.
#5: Crazy girl stalker who wants revenge after I turned her in for preserving live puppies into dolls, stalks my family for revenge. President Obama was going to help protect me but chickened out once the stalking began.

#4 and #5 are new.. Freshly "dreamt" last night.. But I'm having a splitting headache right now because #5 was a nightmare and I woke up frightened and upset.. Still am.

Will continue when I can.. and probably post it up soon.

I'm done with uni, so I will have lots of time to spare and I will push myself to post stuff on my blog. I know I've completely ignored it, but I will come back to this..

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Paper Test

So I've been having this dream many times but never one so clear. Been having this idea/dream since college year (2009) multiple times but never really told anyone.. I mean I did.. kinda.. sorta. I implemented parts of my dream to an assignment presentation before.. if that counts as telling anyone.. 

You know there has always been talk about the Smellevision idea? A television with an extra sense implemented to let you smell what you're watching? It's a pretty general idea most people think of - yes. But I've dreamt of how to make it - sorta. My science knowledge isn't great, just what I've learned from high school and nothing more.. I recall learning that smells are technically made out of molecules, basic smells like fruit, flowers, alcohol is easy to reproduce in the school science lab. That's all fine and good. This interested me enough to do my own Google research on this and they can also re-create "bad" smells too - like the smell of fish, rubbish and rotting flesh. 

Smells are technically compounds made out of a different bunch of molecules. If it's easy enough to be done in a high school lab, I'm pretty sure that it can be modified and tinkered into something automatically done just by providing "sensors" to recognize the compound of the filming and then translate that into what's required for the person watching the show. 

A Smellevision would add smell to the viewer's experience - imagine cooking shows with this! It's a dream, really! "What about the bad smells etc?" Pretty easy actually.. Let's say you're watching a murder/horror show with lots of blood and gore, right? People who act in these shows are obvious using only fake blood etc, but to make the entire Smellevision idea more realistic, they could take the "sensors" to sense the compound of real blood and whatever disgusting stuff they want to put into their movie. 

You might think it's a pretty disgusting idea - to smell gross stuff of whatever you're watching, but it would work like sound - you can mute it! I called it "smute" last time when I did my presentation back in college. It was just an international business presentation really, I actually have no expertise in the field of chemistry :P In fact, it's my most hated subject in high school. I failed so hard at it! Haha!

But I do like watching documentaries and stuff. Super nerdy, but it's SO interesting! They don't usually cover all these "smell compound" stuff so I usually get my fill from Google. My favourite documentaries are the animal ones.. So I figured, you know how snakes "taste" the air? Isn't taste kinda like smell (in a way)? So why don't scientists put more study into that? If they could taste the air, it's a sort of smell sensor, right? So yeah, snake tongues. 

So the whole snake tongue thing would be the sensor for filming or acquiring the smell and what the compound is made of (because movies and shows are always acted so you need to require the smell from another REAL source) and then each Smellevision has this pack of mixable molecules to re-create the smell right there in your living room. If I remembered correctly, most basic smells are made of C, H, O and N. Just how many, how they're connected and whatever. Science stuff which I don't like. 

So when you're watching cook shows, the sensor will pick up the compound formula from the air, then the smell will be recreated in your Smellevision! Or (this is creepy, but whatever) when you're watching those celebrity stalk shows like E! or MTV, paparazzi and cameramen could install the Smell Sensor onto their cameras and now instead of just criticising their looks, you could also criticise their smell too! So if the paparazzi is stalking the celebrity close enough and right after they woke up, they might smell bad! If they're on the red carpet, they would smell nice. I mean, they probably already smell nice because of perfumes and whatever, but instead of having those "Who wore it best?" between celebrities, they would now have "Who smelled better?" too! The idea makes me smile :P So amusing.

Anyway, that doesn't really cover my dream today.. that was just.. part of a dream from years ago and also my own interest in it -  blablabla. My dream today was actually on an idea called "The paper test" which is a piece of paper USB thingo. The piece of paper is water-proof and you can totally clean it up and stuff. What's so special about this paper is that it's a snake tongue sensor thingy! The one I talked about earlier in the post! So yeah. You get this piece of thin paper that's actually a taste/smell sensor which has a USB port connector on it. What you can do on it is bake or cook something, stick your paper sensor into your dish and VOILA you can now share more than just pictures of your food on Facebook, you can also share the smell AND show off if it smells good! Or or or or or. You know how perfume smells different on different people? Like a certain bottle would smell nicer on one person than it does on another? I don't know why that is - maybe some kinda chemical thingy on your skin? Whatever. So you could use this paper test and have it touch your skin and then connect it to your computer and ask your friends what they think etc! 

Imagine how easy it is for perfumes to sell now! Just get the compound build info from using the sensor, then the customers can smell it right there in their living room! You know how perfume ads are always kinda vague and stupid, just some really good looking girl/guy doing something completely random and then the perfume brand is displayed. Or else the perfume is endorsed by some celebrity and creepy fans would buy it just to smell like their favourite celebrity.. Which I'm sure isn't true because the celebrity is just being paid to endorse it, I'm pretty sure that it isn't their REAL favourite perfume brand and since there's no Smellevision around, people can't tell what they really smell like and so they can just use whatever they like instead. Advertising perfumes on Smellevision would be so much easier, no? 

I don't know.. When I woke up, I was kinda like "THIS IS A BRILLIANT DREAM!!" and I kinda wished I knew more science or did better at it to actually be studying it now.. This could kinda be my life research thingy - kinda. Too bad I hated science so much in high school that I dropped it off from my studies ever since SPM. Weird how I hated the subject so much and yet I constantly have dreams on these sort of stuff and how I love watching documentaries.. Meh.

Am I weird for thinking of this? Dreaming it is okay, that I know - because dreams are always weird anyway.. But I actually THINK of this when I'm awake. Next time when I grow older and if I'm rich enough, I  might actually invest in this idea and hire some really smart science-y people who are way better at science than I am to do the research and experiments and maybe one day create a REAL Smellevision. That would be awesome. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

new apartment and... helper guy

Okay! I've recently moved into a new apartment real near uni! It's pretty awesome.

I'm still living alone because the apartment was only ready in mid April, and I doubt many people actually look for new accommodation in the middle of the semester.
It's all cool. I'm paranoid of forgetting my keys and it sometimes get kinda lonely living alone, but there are PLENTY of ups to living alone.

Let's start - the ENTIRE fridge is mine, the entire PANTRY is mine, I can walk around without pants and I can walk from my room to the bathroom without bothering to check if anyone is outside AND - - - I get to rush into the bathroom and pee without closing the door - HAH! I miss NOT closing the bathroom door! I've not been able to do so in the old place thanks to Mr ShitHousemate.
I also get to cook whenever I want because I don't need to wait for a housemate to clear the dishes or wait for the housemate to come back and share the meal. Plus, I get to eat whatever I want, I get the cook in bulk and freeze stuff for lazy days (like a squirrel preparing for winter. I know. shut up.)

I get to leave the place in a mess (not dirty, just really really messy) and nobody cares because nobody sees it - only me. Although I do make it a point to clear everything up before anyone comes into the place. How do I know when people are coming? Well, the only people coming into the place are delivery boys and construction workers who help me out. I always clear the living room area and keep that place really really clean and neat but leave my room in a mess.

Two days ago, I cleared my bedroom off all the mess and organized everything like an OCD freak. Why? Because people were coming into my room to install roller blinds and insect screens.
Here's what my room looks like now:

Nice, eh? I know. I neatened everything up! I'm so proud of myself!!

Alright, enough on my room and apartment. Change of topic.

Let's talk about helper boy.

Who is he? Wellll.... just in case anyone from my class reads this, I'll only describe his physical attributes and nothing else.. I don't want this to come back and bite me in the ass and embarrass me.. SO!! Helper guy. Mmm.. He's reeaaaaaaaaaaaallllyyyy pretty and very nice to look at!!

I usually don't prefer blonde guys but this guy is HAWWTTTT!!!
He's tall, slim but slightly muscled and his FACE is SOooooooOOooooo HANDSOME!
For all my friends, I know that you probably already know this, I prefer "pretty boys" but this guy is SO good looking, I can't stand it!
For the first few weeks, he had 'surfer boy' hair, you know - wavy, messy style! GUHHH!! HOT! One day he walked into class and he clipped his hair short! I was disappointed at first, then I realized that he's even HOTTER with short hair! LIKE WTF!! How can he look good with both hairstyles?? The week after this, he walked in with GLASSES! HE LOOKS GOOD EVEN WITH GLASSES!!! I wouldn't call myself a particular fan of spec-y guys, I mean I do like them.. But how can he pull off all these different looks?? Can you imagine how good looking he has to be to do this?
I've told a few friends and all they keep saying is "Take a picture!" as if it's so bloody easy to do so! How can you take a picture of a guy without looking like a creepy stalker freak??
It's not like I DON'T want to take a picture of him, I do! Just.. how?! I don't want him to think I'm a creepy stalker! Plus, I've noticed that he glanced my way when I was ogling at his beauty - MANY times!! SHITNESS!! He must know that I have a major crush on him! Not like.. serious crush like.. um.. you guys know who(the one in college), but the "OMG, he's so hot" crush where you only have a crush on the guy because he's WAY HOT. Heck, I don't even know his name! I just know him as hot helper guy! Damn, I make a really sucky stalker. I kinda wish I had the guts to go up to him and be like. Hey, picture please? But in my mind, that just plays to be really creepy and weird.. so, no.

:( I wish I knew his name or had his facebook, at least then I could ogle at his pictures without the 'danger' of him glancing back and seeing me do it! UGH! How embarrassing! But he's so hot it's well worth ogling.

Although MAYBE I ogle at him so often because the lecturer is boring? I don't know. Hotness does play a huge part in this.. Well, we'll see! Maybe after this course and I see him again, it wouldn't be so bad? Maybe his hotness is overplayed because there's noone else in class that measures up? Maybe the boring lecturer? I don't knowwww!

Anyway, signing off. Will probably update in another few weeks or few months or so~

Forever awesome,

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Lizard

HEyyyy!!! It's time for my 3month-ly update!!

Anyway, this incident happened about a month ago, but because this happened to me(lazy blogger) I only decided to put it up today~

What happened:

I was happily playing games on the laptop when I saw something dark move really fast across the wall in front of me.. At first, I thought.. "hmm.. what? shadow?"

After 5 minutes, it happened again, this time I happen to catch it moving - A LIZARD!!

So I panicked and searched for an insecticide spray(thanks for the idea, housemates of 124E) and SPRAYED it! It dissappeared...
for 30 minutes I was in constant fear that it might run out at me...
it did run out again after 30 minutes, this time I sprayed it directly! So it ran away.. I didn't know where it was..

Thanks to the spraying, my room was really smelly, so I pulled my curtains aside to let in fresh air.. but the lizard fell past my hands and onto my table, right beside my laptop.

I.. SCREAMED and it rolled about and fell on my bed.. and stayed there silently and just LYING there as if it owned my bed!

I panicked even more and asked a friend what to do with the lizard because it was right beside me(less than 2 feet away) and is right next to my pillow....
My "awesome" friend told me to vacuum it, and since I was too scared to touch it or shoo it away from my bed(risking it running at me or breaking its tail on my bed) I went downstairs and got a vacuum..

Before I can turn on the vacuum, the asshole lizard crawled under my blanket(yeah, I don't make my bed) so I started vacuuming my top blanket and my pillow and my Moo away from the bed and still couldn't spot the lizard.. I was hysterically screaming while holding onto the vacuum, 4 feet away from the bed.... and that was exactly what my housemate saw when he reached the top of the stairs, as he just reached home.

I semi-begged him to help me with the lizard because I was too afraid to sleep in my bed knowing that the lizard was somewhere under my blanket.. It turned out that he was afraid of lizards as well!!

Anyway, he helped to lift my blanket, shake it to check for the lizard.. and the lizard was clinging onto my blanket for dear life! The second I saw it, I screamed, he yelled and dropped my blanket and we ran out of my room.. He went back in, picked up my blanket(the lizard was on the floor) and I was yelling "SPRAY IT!! SPRAY IT!!" so he took the insecticide, sprayed it while it rolled around in agony(I'm sorry for the cruel death, but lizards freak me out)

After about 10 seconds of spraying, it was still twitching and my housemate acted as though he was about to leave it there and go back to his room, so I asked him to help get it out of my room..
Since he was afraid of lizards as well, he went to the toilet, took a LOT of tissue(while muttering that I owe him big) went back into my room and stared at the lizard for 2 minutes.

I stood outside my room, peeking in while he attempted to pick up the lizard with the load of toilet paper in his hand. Every time he felt it move under the tissue, he'd yell while I screamed....... He finally got the lizard after a few tries, ran to the toilet and flushed it.

My housemate is my hero now :D (he still annoys me and he cooks stinky food almost everyday, but saving me from a lizard is epic)

I called my sister and told her about the lizard episode the next day.. and she told my brother.. and my brother told his girlfriend.. they now call me the evil lizard murderer although the one who did the murdering was my housemate ;_;

Anyway, I'm sure you're wondering why I only posted this now when it happened a month ago? Well, the day after this happened, my grandma passed away and after that I had to concentrate on finals.. My papers are finally over and I have spare time now before going home to Malaysia... So yeah, here it is. The Lizard.

I'll update again when I'm back in Brisbane after my winter break back in Malaysia! That means, see you in 2 months!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New look!


I edited my blogskin(finally) with help from Lilian(not much)

How do u guys like it? Most of u are saying it's too cute for me :P
HAH! I've turned cute! LOLOLOL!!

Anyway, update on the spider:

my housemate is a total hero to me now, he caught the spider with tissue paper and flushed it dead!! YEAH!! :D

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Home.. And.. "The Spider"

okay, as most of u know, I went home to Malaysia last week :)

The week went by in a blur of activities:
I met up with college friends, went shopping and met up with high school friends.

A few things "happened" to me during my trip home... Here's the list:

I am a new Crocs Convert. I WANT CROCS! Of course, I don't want those fugly original crocs, I want the ballet flats crocs. They look "Okay" and yet it feels like I'm walking on air! I want them!

Next thing was Joonkie and I took Steph's unagi virginity when we had her eat unagi in Sakae Sushi :P
Also, we watched How to train a Dragon.. IT'S AWESOME!! IT'S SOOOO totally my FAVOURITE movie now!! :D <3

Last thing I realized was... *dramatic drumroll and music*


My boobs shrank. I needed new bras to fit my mini boobs now *sadface*

The Spider

When I reached Brisbane and went home, there was a HUGE spider in the corner of the bathroom. I spotted it when I was drying myself after a shower. This was Friday.
I looked around for it all Saturday and today but couldn't find it.
It is now 10pm Sunday, I spotted it - above the door. I urgently need to pee, but I can't because its THERE staring at me with 8 huge eyes! Also, it's huge and scary :(
I asked my housemate to help and he poked it with a stick - it fell on the floor and now we can't find it. I'm more scared now than I was when it was above the door :( BECAUSE IT'S ON THE FLOOORRRRR!!!
Someone please save me T_T I need to pee :(

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My fav line coming from my ECON1010 Microeconomics lecturer from today

We were discussing about the market for parental rights for babies (adoption)

So we were discussing on whether there should be a free market for it -

If there were a free market...

- most would-be parents would easily get their adopted children
- would-be parents wouldn't need to go through the 'tests' in order to get their children (and is this good or bad? it is good because bad would-be parents would be eliminated from the list, but then again it is bad because it intrudes the privacy of the would-be parents: weight, age are all taken into account, so people who want to be parents can't be more than 40[makes no sense because some people get married at 30, try to have a baby naturally for a few years and then try up for adoption at 36 and stays on the waiting list for 4 years and are canceled out of the list when they hit 40])
- some women would get pregnant on purpose just to 'sell' the baby

Now, would it be fair to judge those women?
No, it isn't. It is like judging prostitutes and drug sellers - most people just aren't prostitutes/drug sellers because they don't think the current market price is worth it.
Therefore, women who do 'sell' their babies shouldn't be judged.

Here comes the awesome line:

"I'm not clever so I can't get a job, I'm not pretty so I can't be a prostitute. But I can pump out babies."

Meh~ I know, lame post for today, but I found it amusing ;)